I’ve been crazy busy ever since returning from Thailand & have neglected posting. So! To make up for it 3 Different Nail Arts:

I need Me Gold!

I’m the Leprachaun….

No tears, please. It's a waste of good suffering.


Get Away from her you Bitch!

Encounters with the 3rd Kind

Can you find the Halloween Inspired easter eggs?


Abroad in BKK!

I just came home yesterday from a 2 week holiday in Thailand!  I am 100% Thai by heritage, but grew up in NY.  I shopped around & packed very carefully for this trip as Thai’s are known to dress quite modestly & have dress codes when visiting temples. Style, comfort & functionality all important to me when I get dressed.  This was my outfit for Day 1!!!  The hat shielded me from the sun, rain & kept my “shimmering” (read: sweaty) head from lookin’ like a mess!  The top covered me up but was sheer so allowed my skin to breathe & the shoes had a slight lift which kept my jeans up off the puddle laden streets!



Stylin’ & Profilin’

Banjo Hat – Something Special

Gold Drop Earrings – NY & Co

Peter Pan Collar Top – Nordstrom Off Rack

Jeans – The Gap

Shoes – BORN Leather

Frog Ring – Gift

We Are All Stardust…

I. Love. These. Nails.  They speak to my geeky side & are easy to do (which I know, I’ve claimed in all my posts thus far).   BONUS POINTS to this print as it uses all household items.  I started with base coat, layered on black (you could use a dark green, blue or purple if you prefer) & then using makeup sponges, I dabbed on & layered on colors using galaxy pics for inspiration.  Each layer dried fairly quickly since I was just lightly sponging them on.  Afterwards, I used a toothpick to stipple in the “stars”.

In a galaxy far, far away…

Close Up!

Labor of Love…and lots of polish


Balancing Act

I grew up on Long Island steeped in the music scene (mostly of the punk rock persuasion) & still have a love for certain prints that are seen as “youthful” (skulls, bows, skulls with bows)I started to become nervous as I got older with wearing these prints because I feel like they make me look like I’m still 16.  When I first saw this cardi I fell in love & had to have it.  For a while I struggled with whether or not I could wear it to work.  With persuasion from my friends, I got over it!!! What I love about this particular piece is that even though it’s skulls, I think the color gives it a more mature feeling, especially when paired with a pair of classic cut jeans &  heels.  I love this outfit because it speaks to who I was when I was younger, and who I am now as a grown woman.

Sugar & Spice

Pop o’ Color!

Snaggin’ a pic @ my desk

Cardigan – Modcloth

Dotted Swiss Ruffle Top – J Crew

Jeans – Macy’s

Shoes – Shelley’s of London

Clutch – Aldo

Watch – Marc Jacobs

Ring – Francesca’s Collection

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X-Ray Specs

Got myself a new pair of spectacles!  Please excuse the sticker, I snagged the pic while I was trying them on.  Clearly, you can see which brand they are.  Got these sweeties from Lenscrafters (yay insurance).  I think a fun pair of glasses can really spice up an outfit!  Bonus points if they can help the world look less blurry!

I’ll be watching you

Hat –Modcloth

Glasses – DKNY Lenscrafters

Tank – H&M

Henley Top – Caslon

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Ring around the Roses

Why hello there!  Today’s nail art is inspired by my new favorite obsession: florals (which will be discussed in deeper detail soon!)

With a little bit of gumption, it’s easy enough to find any countless number of pictures & videos on floral nail art patterns via the magic of Google and/or YouTube.  I watched a few tutorials & looked up a plethora of patterns before I decided to try  this method which I think best suits my own talents & skills since I’m a nail art novice.   It took a bit of time (due to dry time allowance), but with the right tools, this little pattern was surprisingly easy!

Roses are Pink, Background is Blue,
Whaddaya Think, Is this floral for You?

Style Swap Part Deux

Let’s back track a bit to my (kind of) first post in which I styled my gal pals Miss V & Miss A.  Both of these ladies are incredibly close friends & yet their personalities could not be more different.  Miss V is brazen & tenacious; like a fervent minx, Miss V is a Sultry Tough Girl.   Miss A is perky & crunchy; like a dream catcher crocheted out of kitten whiskers, Miss A is a Dainty Hippie.

In Style Swap Part One, I  tried to stay true to their temperament.  For Part Deux I decided to mix things up a bit & see what would happened if they had a Freaky Friday moment.  Entrez vous, the results!

V is for Vibrant!

I styled Miss V in this adorable trench coat by Tulle.  Between the piping on the jacket & the polka’s layered underneath, this look screams GIRLY GIRLY GIRLY!  Miss V loved this outfit & I think it looks absolutely darling on her!

Jacket – Tulle (Purchased from Trixie’s Palace:

Top – Francesca’s Collection

Jeans – Gap

A is for Audacious!

  Styled with a tight bun & a hot red lip, Miss A looked instantly mature & seductive in this hot number.  Though she felt a little nakie in this dress (hellooooo plunging neckline!); once Miss A saw the pictures of herself, I think she was truly impressed with how sexy she could look!

Dress – T-Bags LA

Sunglasses – Ann Taylor Loft

Shoes – Enzo Anglioni

Porcupine Needle Earrings – Gift

Ring – Forever 21


Oh hai AGAIN

Two posts in one day?!?!  In one night no less?!?  I know. I can’t help myself.  I’m ready to blow my style load all over this blog.  I just can’t hold it all in!  While visiting previously mentioned friends in DC I was also able to practice my new hobby of nail art.  I used to buy the Sally Hansen stickers; but no more!!!  Though they’re quick & (fairly) easy  to apply they’re also quite pricey at $11 bucks a pop. I also prefer the dimension of print from painting on the pattern with a brush rather than the flatness of a sticker.  Here are 2 polka dot looks I did using my newly obtained brush and dotting tools set from    That kitty cat took damn near forever but it was worth it!!  Note: You DO NOT need nail tools to do your own polka dots at home; anything with a small dull point will do.  They’re an easy pattern & ultra cute.

Polka Dots & a Kitty Kat!

Style Swap Part One

This weekend marked the kick off to MissMixMatch and it started off with a big BANG!  I traveled to DC to visit my friends Miss V and Miss A.  Dear Buddha how I love me a good game of dress up!   With 2 suitcases full of my own clothes & a raid of Miss V’s closet, the girls graciously let me treat them like life size paper dolls (I may have possibly at one point gone into a maniacal fashion power trip and decreed that they had to wear what I told them to because it’s MY STYLE BLOG DAMMIT. Whoops!  Though they took it with a modicum of grace & I did apologize for it. Once again, THANK YOU GIRLS!)

I love how with just the right combination of fabric choice & cut, you can “pin” a personality.  For today’s post I’ve styled them in outfits that I felt would compliment their character!

A is also for Adorable

 Miss A’s style is generally very Sugary Cupcake Sweetheart (we’re talking strummin’ on a banjo square dancing in clogs).

Miss A’s Look:

Top – Victoria’s Secret

Skirt & Belt – (

Shoes – Frye Leather

Necklace – Emporium Collagia (

V is for Vivacious!

Whilst Miss V’s style is very classic DC Badass PowerBitch (think strutting down the street in a pair of 5″ stilettos).

Miss V’s Look:

Top – Babe Boutique (

Jeans – Gap

Shoes – Poppy Stella

Sunglasses – Forever 21

Au revoir!

But this is why the saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” exists.   That’s half the fun of fashion & playing dress up after all!  Stay tuned for when I swap their style sensibilities!

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Fashion Mixology & Absurdity Abound!

After years of being coerced by friends & family alike I have finally decided to take the step towards blog-dom. Ready or not, here I come!

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